12. For the first time, the Bulgarian government officially lent support to AFA's ideas for humane treatment of animals. February 2006.
11. For the first time, a draft for an animal protection law was officially prepared by a workgroup that included representatives of the animal protection organizations and, of course, AFA. February 2006.
10. For the first time, the termination of a contract between the municipality and an illegally operating dog-killing firm is underway in Sofia, following an inspection by animal welfare volunteers led by AFA. January 2006.
9. For the first time, the European Union officially supported AFA's ideas for humane treatment of animals in Bulgaria. November 2005.
8. For the first time, over 250 people joined the SILENT PROTEST organized by AFA. Protesters objected to the violations of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, of European Convention #125, and of animal rights. - Sofia, October 4 2005.
7. For the first time, an appeal for the endorsement of neutering as a leading population control method in the veterinary law received support from thousands of animal lovers around the world. AFA launched a special website for the petition, and the results could be felt. August-October 2005.
6. For the first time, AFA's children's nominations "Best Little Friend of Animals" took place outside the capital. The kids from Elin Pelin competed in three new categories: Publicity Agent, Zoodetective, and Eco-Police Officer. October 2004.
(the children zoodetectives from Gabra village )

5. For the first time, inspections of the municipal dog pound in Sofia were carried out with the participation of AFA, DARA, and university students. Gross violations of the law were reported. August and September 2004.
4. For the first time, in Bulgaria, 420 dogs were neutered in only 22 days. June - July 2004.
3. For the first time, the National Veterinary-Medical Service in Bulgaria issued a license for work with stray animals to an international team - part of AFA and DARA's project in the Elin Pelin district. June 2004.
2. For the first time, European parties supported AFA's proposal for a moratorium on the killing of stray dogs until the adoption of an animal protection law. (Conference of the Green Party in Riga - May 2004.)
1. For the first time, the general director of the National Veterinary-Medical Service approved the project proposed by AFA and DARA for a humane solution of the problem with Sofia's street dogs, thus unequivocally endorsing the neutering method as the only guarantee of lasting results. April 2004.