Action № 9 "Between Life and Death"
On a lively boulevard in the capital, three cars ran over a three-month-old dog before AFA interfered and stopped the circulation in order to drag the terrified animal out of that nightmare. The dog was in shock and didn't let anybody near him, but AFA's members succeeded in taking him to a cozy, warm home, where he was given first aid. Fortunately, the result from the medical check-up gave hope - there was only a broken hind leg. The lucky juvenile looked like a wolf pup - hence his new name, Roger Wolf. He is recovering under AFA's care and awaits the good people who will accept him as part of their family. February 2006
Action № 8 "A New Home"
A signal dated February 1, 2006, from the area of Nova Television, necessitated the removal of the trouble-causing dogs that were indicated by the complainants. The dogs were placed in a pet hotel using money donated by Corinna Leschber. After a 7-day stay in the hotel, the dogs were adopted by AFA. . February 2006
Action № 7 "Save a Life"
In the course of a month and a half, the dogs in a Sofia neighborhood were periodically poisoned. Thanks to AFA's quick intervention, all found live dogs, injured by the fast-acting, strong neuroparalytic poison, were saved. November-December 2005
Action № 6 "A Dog Pack"
On November 22, 2005, the AFA-Bulgaria Foundation, the Federation for the Welfare of Street Dogs, and the coordinators from the "Iztok" area organized an emergency action to solve a problem in the area around Nova Television - "Dianabad" neighborhood, "Izgrev" region, Sofia. The female dog in heat that had appeared - cause for the formation of a pack of intact males - was caught and spayed, as was a dog that had been only partially castrated by the German neutering center three years earlier. As a result, the dangerous pack was scattered, and the situation came under control. November 2005
Action № 5 "Life Goes On"
At the request of Dr. Becker from the German organization European Network "Doctors for Animals", AFA organized a special Flying Squad action - part of our project for veterinary prophylaxis of the neutered street dogs ("Robin's"). The occasion - the German television was shooting a film about the dogs in Bulgaria. During the medical check-up of the neutered dogs in the "Strelbishte" neighborhood, where the Flying Squad took place, AFA-Bulgaria's vet detected a tumor in one of the animals. Kathy, who was spayed in 2000, was immediately transported to the "MAY" clinic for treatment. The film shown by the German TV mentioned the neutering efforts, but in our case at stake was something much more important: the protection of the life and the health of this dog. After a week of antibiotic treatment, Kathy underwent a successful surgery, and after her recovery, she was returned to her impatient friend Mia - the dog with whom she shared the same kennel, built by volunteers. The follow-up examinations are showing positive results and once again Kathy is running around and enjoying life. November 2005
Action №4 "Give a Life"
Municipal dogcatchers stormed a private home, rounded up the family pets Mecho and Pacho and sent them to the city pound. The animals stayed there for 10 days, while their desperate owner sought help to release them. AFA organized transportation, provided money, and insisted before the municipality that the two dogs be released. On August 15, 2005, they were again into the arms of their owner. The dogs were temporarily sheltered for rehabilitation in the public veterinary clinic "Ilinden" against payment, and afterwards were transported home. The money was provided by Maria Harbova as a donation to the Foundation. August 2005
Action №3 "Friends"
A signal for a complaint against a dog with a yellow AFA collar led the Foundation to the dog that disappeared a year earlier from her new home. Bonita was an exceptionally loving and friendly dog, but unknown how, she found herself - mangy - at the opposite end of the city. The people who tried to help her applied the wrong treatment, and the dog's appearance provoked a complaint against her stay in the area. AFA immediately pulled the dog from the street and over the course of three months carried out a successful treatment - not even a trace remained from the disease. At last, Bonita had a true new home and friends. February 2005
Action №2 "Self-Discovery"
Among all the 14 dogs, finding a home for the oldest one, Nikolai, seemed nearly impossible. After a drastically unsuccessful trial with an adoption applicant, Nikolai was taken back to the hotel, with no perspectives before him. A second opportunity failed, and the only remaining option was euthanasia. The dog was 14 years old, distrustful of people and desperate. AFA flatly refused to resort to the so-called "painless killing" and took care of the dog. Four months is a sufficient period of time to win the trust of even the most fearful dog. Nikolai and Boyanka became friends and before long, the dog became part of the family of the woman who returned his trust and hope. September 2004
Action №1 "The New Era"
In 2003 AFA and DARA organized a massive rescue mission for the rehoming of 14 family dogs abandoned by their previous owners: veterinary check-ups; treatment of some of the animals; preventative medical procedures - worming and rabies vaccinations; full immunizations for the 5 dogs under one year of age; neutering of all the dogs; marking; passports; placing the dogs in a pet hotel; finding new homes for the recovered animals; donation of kennels for the dogs that were homed in private yards. The campaign went on for 6 months, and AFA continued to receive information about the rehomed dogs and, when necessary, to help solve any problems that arose with them. Skalata, Bonita, Nikolai, Rokoand Dumbo are the dogs that are routinely visited by AFA's Flying Squads. August 2003 - February 2004