My name is Roger.
Roger Roger Wolf, because according to my Saviour I look like a wolf. I haven't seen any wolfs, but if I look like one, they must be cool. I am still very young and when I got to the big streets, I got confused: before I knew it I was taken over by growling monsters with fiery eyes. They were huge and merciless, and their tails were spewing out smothering fumes. One of these tried to bite me, but I managed to jump aside. Fine, but I got in the way of a second one, so I stooped and almost froze on the ground or else I'd have been smashed by the monster's trunk.
And there She appeared - hair in disarray, clad in a shirt in the chilly night. She stood in the midst of the broad street, waving her hands, and her long sleeves went up and down like bird's wings. For an instant I was oblivious of the monsters, enthralled by this bizarre apparition. But this was no apparition - she was still standing there before me and the freaky monsters had gone still and dumb. I felt her lean over me, speaking to me words I could not understand. She then lifted me up and safe above the dangerous street. I trustfully relaxed in her arms and felt mum's coziness. Or nearly.
RogerI was placed in her home, where I met her dogs. They were curious about me, so I had to explain in detail my tribulations. However, I soon found out I could not stay in that home, which, I have to admit, is much to my liking. I was taken pictures of, and I had to say some words about me, to present myself. So that some good people will see how brave I am, despite being a three-month old puppy, and they may want me to live with them.
Will someone really like me!?
Oh, I forgot to tell you that the combat with the monsters left me with some bruises from the somersaults on the tarmac, but my Saviour says my fur will get even better. The vets gave me a deworming pill and a vaccine shot, so that I become more valiant. So I am terrific!
Regards from me and my new friends! There's a phone here only that I am not allowed to use it. But you may try at: (+359 2) 58 83 87 or 0888 638 586
And well, if we don't happen to meet again, remember that what dogs only want is to be your friends. So be nice to them!
Roger Wolf,
AFA's fan