In June 2005 German M.P's insisted that Main Prosecutor's Office stops the activity of the isolators in Bulgaria because of the systematic major violations of the requirements for humane treatment towards the dogs placed there. Materials were shown to the Main Prosecutor of Republic Bulgaria that proved the statements of Mrs. Barbara Ruting and her colleagues.The current law governing veterinary-medical activities(updated, Official Gazette, issue 42 from 5 May 1999) supposes such actions in article 103, which states: "When violations endanger the health of the people and the animals, the authorities of NVMA close the site for a period of one to six months and notify the Prosecution" and also article 105 which states: "The minister of agriculture…following a proposition from NVMA can deprive from the right to exercise veterinary-medical profession for a period of 1 year veterinary specialists, which deliberately or major carelessness allow violations of their official duties…"
The measures for control are proposed in accord to article 8, p. 4, European Convention No. 125: "On the base of the declaration, made accordingly to the regulations of Paragraph 1, the competent authority must define if the conditions stated in Paragraph 3 are met or not. In the case, the conditions are not met the competent authority must recommend measures and if it is necessary for the defense of the animals to forbid the starting or the continuing of the activity.
The German delegation receives the assurance from the Main Prosecution for a right away check of signals for violations in the Bulgarian state isolators for dogs and removal of the recognized misses.
Later all these everyday ignored regulations for humane treatment towards the dogs, accorded with the European Conventions, are not included in the latest law for the veterinary-medical activity.
This sad fact confirms the weakness of the institutions to control the abiding of the law in Bulgaria.The inability to start the measures for the removal of systematic violations, did by the municipalities, deprives the animals in Bulgaria of their regulated rights.