Article 182
(4) The mayors will decide whether the measures envisaged in this chapter will be carried out in mobile or stationary veterinary surgeries.
(5) The surgeries mentioned in Article 182 (4) are subject to registration by the National Veterinary Medicine Office (NVMO) upon approval of municipal programmes, including detailed schedules of their work.
The only argument raised by opponents of mobile surgeries in Bulgaria is the impossibility for control by the NVMO over their work. The suggested above municipal programmes, including detailed schedules of their work and approved by the NVMO, safeguard the possibility for control..



Dr Adriana Ionescu examining a dog at the mobile surgery
Two Bulgarian NGOs - AFA-Bulgaria and DARA implemented the world model of civilized solution of the stray dog problem.
The pilot project, which they worked out in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), was aimed at controlling the reproduction of stray dogs in the Municipality of Elin Pelin. They invited the mayor of the Municipality to take part in the programme.
The international organization "4 Paws" accepted the invitation to participate with its own mobile surgery and to finance the medical operations.
. The NVMO approved of the project and was quick in providing AFA and DARA with the required license for the international team's work.
Dr Voinov, Head of the Sofia Regional Veterinary Medicine Office, together with the project team shortly after the license was issued.
The residents of the Municipality registered their dogs and took advantage of the free deworming, anti-rabies innoculation and neutering. All these were aimed at improving the animals' health, stopping them from reproducing and making the owners' lives easier.
The treated dogs were then returned to the places where they had come from and were issued veterinary certificates by the Regional Veterinary Medicine Office, AFA and DARA.
The results from the measures were:
In 22 days 420 dogs were neutered.
World experience has shown the efficiency of the "neuter and return" method, which gradually reduces the number of dogs until their final disappearance from the streets. The important thing about this method is the returned dog's mission: to prevent the appearance of new, unneutered dogs in the street who could endanger people's lives. For the sustainability of the achieved results the project envisages "Flying Teams", organized by AFA and DARA, to monitor the regular checks of the neutered and marked dogs living permanently in the street.
The children from Elin Pelin were keen to take part in competition "The Biggest Youngest Friend of Animals BLFA - 2004", organized by AFA, whereby the most active young participants in the project were awarded. 12-year old Polina Stoicheva from Gara Elin Pelin was awarded as "Eco-Agent 2004" for the greatest number of brochures distributed. Petyo Peyrov from the village of Gabra received "Zoo-Detective 2004" certificate for his help in catching the biggest number of stray dogs for neutering. The organizers of the nominations admit that "Eco-Policeman" was the most difficult category to judge as the children's stories of helping animals in trouble were both numerous and touching. The nominated children were four and the winner was Binko Ngo Tho from Elin Pelin, a student in the "Lubomir Pipkov" Musical School in Sofia. The runners-up received certificates and gifts from AFA and DARA.
The quiz-winners received gifts from the English organization National Trust for the Protection of Dogs.
The guests at Nominations 2004 watched a concert by Bulgarian musicians and actors, which was organized by Radoslav Rachev and Aksinia Bosneva and shown on Television "7 Days".
All children who participated in the project, were addressed by representatives of international organizations for the protection of animals and diplomats from the countries which follow the animal policies adopted by AFA and DARA. The prizes - mountain bikes - were awarded by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of the Natural Environment and Waters, and the Ministry of Young People and Sports on October 4, 2004 - the International Day for the Protection of Animals in the hall of the Cultural House in Elin Pelin.

The organizers started the project with the ambition to create a model for the disappearance of the stray dog phenomenon in a way that would not harm anybody - neither friends of animals, nor their opponents.

Unfortunately the inconsistent policy of the NVMO and the radical changes in its attitude deprived the residents of Elin Pelin of the opportunity to see the project finalized in accordance with the Annex to the Contract.

The organizers of the project - Eli Tomova and Aksinia Bosneva wish to express their thanks to all state institutions (the Municipality of Elin Pelin, the NVMO, Sofia RVMO), to all foreign partners and the residents of Elin Pelin for the assistance in carrying out all planned project activities. We are thankful to all organization members who volunteered to work for the project and to all musicians and actors who supported the Nominations for
"The Biggest Youngest Friend of Animals BLFA 2004".