I. QUOTATIONS from the reports of civil students-mediators
II. Images from TV coverage of the legal violations committed by employees of the municipal enterprise "Ecoravnovesie", broadcast on 04.04.05 at 8:00 p.m. on the channel Nova Televizia.

I. QUOTATIONS from the reports of civil students-mediators,
provided by Students councils for monitoring
in the capital insulator for street dogs
(unfortunately NVMS takes no measures
for stopping the nightmare in this animals’ hell)

- on 24 March 2005 passing by the fridge chamber for dogs corpses, I heard whining. I opened the door and saw a puppy, closed alive among the corpses! (civil mediator 21.03.2005/01.04.2005 )
- small dogs are usually mortified right away, but they are sometimes left for the next day. In these cases they are kept in the wheel they have been brought in, all night long, one over the other. Till next day most of them die (either from suffocating or lack of food and water). (civil mediator 18-22.04 2005)
- on Friday I was not allowed at two mortifications of small dogs. Dr Marinov made a scandal and threatened me he would smash my face .. I mentioned he could not put the injection right in the heart of the two animals. He made a second injection but they still could not die for minutes and it was a real torture. (civil mediator 18-22.04.05.)
- dogs are bleeding lavishly when they are brought in the insulator (civil mediator 25-29.04.05)
- a Caucasian shepherd was adopted by a directors friend. Next day the owner appeared and wanted to take back his dog (the dog was taken from his yard without his knowledge, while he was out of town). The new owner wanted 150 BG levs for taking care of the animal (the charge for adoption is 24 levs per day) (civil mediator 25-29.04.05)
- after an oral order by the director two castrated dogs were killed (civil mediator 07-11.02.05)
- I found two dogs, dead with cold, and had not woken up after the anaesthetic they were lying in the same position as I found them on Wednesday on the cement. (civil mediator -07-11.02.05)
- on 24th February, 01 March, 09.March and 10 March each of those mornings two dogs were found dead . Reasonscold and plenty of dogs stuck in the cages. Not all of them have access to the food) (civil mediator 23.02. 12.03.2005)
- Dr Tzvetanov rushed into the premise and ordered everyone to stop doing other things but to quickly open the fridge chamber with the dogs corpses and to take out the dead body of Vlados dog then hide it. A few moments later Vlado was let to check for his dog into the fridge chamber but he couldnt find it, of course. (civil mediator 22.02.2005.)
- one hour after a man adopted a dog he phoned to inform that the dog was still not waking up, one hour later he said it was dead. It turned out that two doctors have put the dog anaesthetic and before that a doctor did it so that he could take the dog out of the cage before the operation. (civil mediator 14.-18.03.05.)
- Animals separated in cages as evil are left lying in their own faeces because no one dares to clean them . (civil mediator 30.05. 30.06.2005.)
- the boxes are too narrow and overcrowded for the animals, not all of them can reach the food. They obviously loose weight (civil mediator 30.05.-03.06.05)
- Wounded dogs arrive because of bad treatment from the hunters (civil mediator 30.05. 03.06.2005.)
- some of the dogs are bleeding lavishly when brought into the insulator (civil mediator 11-15.04.05.)
- a domestic dog was brought and put in a common cage. The next day it was mortified early in the morning before I arrived. Two days later his owner looked for him.(civil mediator 25-29.04.2005.)
- dogs were mortified because they were not big enough (civil mediator 17.01. 04.02.05.)
- still under anaesthetic the dogs are thrown into the cages which damages the animals (civil mediator 05 10.01.04)
- Transporting conditions . The truck carriage is hot with the sun, ther are no cages. The dogs under anaesthetic are thrown one over the other. They often get suffocated (civil mediator 03.-09.07.2004.)
- When unloaded dogs fall on the cement from a big height. one dog broke his leg and next day was mortified. (civil mediator 23.-25.07.03)
- The most terrifying thing is the unloading of small dogs. They can be easily caught .. they are thrown into a metal basket .. they are caught by the head .. hit their heads on the ground or on the basket one two by two! (civil mediator 14.10.03.)
- The guard was bitten by a small dog, he took it and hit it on the ground with all his strength . (civil mediator 23.-26.09.03.)

What follows is images from TV coverage
of the legal violations committed by employees
of the municipal enterprise "Ecoravnovesie,"
broadcast on 04.04.05 at 8:00 p.m.
on the channel Nova Televizia.

II. Images from TV coverage of the legal violations committed
by employees of the municipal enterprise "Ecoravnovesie",
broadcast on 04.04.05 at 8:00 p.m. on the channel Nova Televizia.
Pictures # 1-3:
A three-month-old dog, caught by "Ecoravnovesie," is being taken out of the only transport cage in the enterprise's car (that cage serves to stuff all caught dogs that are under 6 months of age - 5, 10, or 15 of them - little does it matter).
picture 1

The pound employee, armed with a glove, grabs the puppy by her hind leg and drags her along the floor of the car.
picture 2

The puppy is carried around the pound hallways upside down, still held by her right hind leg.
picture 3

It is not clear which of the two is sign of a greater brutality: the puppy hanging upside down or the suffocating babies jammed in the cart to be seen in the background, behind the hanging dog.

During the "accommodation," the walls remain deaf for the screams of the hapless animals

Pictures # 4-5:
picture 4The camera has captured the moment of "accommodating" the adult dogs in the pound: The animals are hurled from the car on to the concrete floor of the cage, of their number, which is to fit all captured dogs regardless. The sedated dogs are thrown one on top of the other. Not infrequently, they never regain consciousness because of the catching team's routine use of sedatives in the absence of a vet, in a breach of the Veterinary-Medical Law. When, as a result of such "accommodation" techniques, the dog breaks a leg, the municipal veterinarian proceeds immediately to euthanize him, again in violation of the law (which requires treatment of the injured dog).
picture 5 When the captured dog has woken up while still in the car, the municipality uses a special device to "accommodate" him in the pound. It is called a shovel and serves to push the semi-sedated dog farther into the cage, in order to free more room for the rest.

Pictures # 6-7:
picture 6

The V-shaped wooden pole is used to wedge the dog so that he doesn't move while the doctor is injecting him with the deadly substance.
Article 70, Paragraph 2 of the ZVMD is violated through the immediate "euthanasia" of puppies under 6 months of age, before the legal 14-day term is over. There is no medical examination. Òhere is no laboratory testing. The municipal vet comes up with his diagnosis as a result of observation of the dogs, while they are being unloaded from the car(by the methods described above).
picture 7

The puppy suspended in the air by the municipal employee expects her "humane" killing while she's hanging upside down. She will carry with her beyond death the horror of a messed up world.