Presentation of "Flying Brigade"

Part of the "Robins" project for control
on the normal recovery of the castrated dogs

In connection with the frequently discussed problem about the danger of the spread of dog tapeworm and other intestine parasites carried by stray dogs we bring your attention measures which the non-governmental organizations are taking. The stray dogs, which are castrated and put back on the streets, are regularly cleaned of parasites and receive a vaccine against rabies.
In order to exercise control over these activities we organize "flying brigades" consisting of volunteers from the organizations. The people, who locally take care that the castrated dogs get enough water and food, keep their passports with which the animals are assigned after the castration. On a holiday in order to get the maximal support from the local people the "flying brigades team" visits a neighborhood of the capital and:
Removal of parasites is done every two months depending on the used medicines. The vaccine against rabies needs to be done every year. More and more citizens want to receive a multi-aimed vaccine. This way they protect them from the infectious canine diseases.
The main goal of the "Robins" project is to maintain the health status of the castrated dogs, which does not pose a treat to human health.
The realization and implementation of "Robins" is done with the support of similar environmental organization under the slogan "Care for the people through protection of the animals".