Dr. Vasilev and Mihaela from AFA are consulting the friends of the dog Minnie about the need of regular prophylaxis -- "Gotse Delchev" neighborhood
Zhenya from AFA is filling out Vickie's card. Vickie was brought for a medical check-up by Tanya, her friend from the "Nadezhda-3" neighborhood. To reduce the risks of tapeworms and other parasitic infections that can be transferred from dogs to humans, the AFA-Bulgaria Foundation takes preventative measures necessary to control the health status of the street dogs. Every week, we organize a "Flying Squad," part of the Robin's Project. It takes place during the weekend, in different regions of the capital. AFA volunteers enter the data in a register that contains information about the mandatory veterinary procedures that have been performed on the dog - worming and rabies vaccination.
More and more citizens insist on the application of a polyvalent vaccine. In this way they protect the dogs against the acutely contageous canine diseases. At the "Flying Squads," people can receive free advice about the care needed to keep the dogs in good health. Barbara Reuting, a deputy from the Bavarian Landtagg, at a Flying Squad with AFA - June 2005, "Motopista" neighborhood. There's always a vet on staff: s/he does a thorough check-up of our four-legged friends. S/he certifies with a stamp and a signature in the veterinary passports of the dogs that s/he has performed the required medical procedures. The citizens who keep the passports are asked to show them for inspection to the "Flying Squad" team at an hour and place that are announced by the regional coordinators prior to the event.
Urska Markelj, RSPCA representative for Eastern Europe, at a Flying Squad with AFA - August 2005, "Lozenets" neighborhood
Fellow humane organizations work together with AFA on the Robin's Project, under the motto "Care for the people through protection of the animals."

Doctor Stoyanov, chair of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection and Preservation of Animals, is applying distemper serum to the dog Shina, who was neutered by Tierhilfe Suden the previous month -- "Reduta" neighborhood

The purpose of the Robin's Project is to reduce the health risk dogs can pose to human beings. It is another step in AFA's efforts to build a better world where harmony and respect will reign in the relationship between people and animals. In AFA's missionary activity, we enjoy the help of our volunteers - among them children.

The Foundation organizes annual events dedicated to the children who wish to help animals: April 22, Earth Day, and October 4, the World Day for Animal Protection, are celebrated with an "Eco-Tea in the Open" and the "Greatest Little Friend of Animals" Nominations, which, with help from beloved singers and artists, turn into real fiestas for kids and adults alike. Alina, Alexandra, Konstantin, and Petya are actively helping AFA. Alina and Alexandra -- "The Greatest Little Friend of Animals" nominees for 2000 and 2001. "Izgrev" neighborhood

The project is named after the dog Robin, to whom AFA-Bulgaria has dedicated some of its short stories from the series "AFA's Dogs." In the winter of 1998, Robin saved a person. Two years later, on December 24, 2000, Robin was shot in the spine, which caused partial paralysis of his hind legs. Robin was homed in the house of Aksinia, AFA's chair.

As a result of the efforts, Robin can walk again.