The EUROGROUP envoy returned to Brussels taking good news to the international welfare organization, which commissioned him to make study visit on the animal welfare situation in Bulgaria.
During his four-day visit Mr. Reddish had ten meetings with governmental bodies, MPs and animal welfare organizations from the all corners of Bulgaria.
The representative of the organization which promotes animal welfare into the EU and national legislations was satisfied with the achievements of the Bulgarian champions for animal rights:
1. Joint initiatives of the animal welfare NGOs;
2. Activities in co-operation with the local authorities and the executive;
3. Animal protection lobbying;
4. Participation in the drafting of the Animal Protection Bill.
According to the EU coordinator drafting the animal protection bill now enables Bulgaria to produce a modern piece of legislation setting high standards of humane treatment of animals, by introducing the latest achievements in the field of animal welfare.
Mr. Reddish outlined the prospects for future co-operation of the Bulgarian NGOs and EUROGROUP and offered the Bulgarian animal welfare organizations observer status in the view of the fact that membership fee ranging from € 800 to € 2000 may prove an obstacle. The legal advisor of the Federation for the Welfare of Street Dogs was designated EUROGROUP Coordinator for Bulgaria, which is a recognition of her effort in defending animal rights and assigns her the co-ordination of the future co-operation.
EUROGROUP is organizing later in the year a forum on humane treatment and protection of animals. Mr. Reddish appreciated the Federation for the Welfare of Street Dogs' commitment to provide assistance for the organization of this important event .